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Cattle Mutilation

By admin - Posted on 08 December 2010

On 10/25/2010 a ranch hand noticed a dead cow on a ranch located at the southern end of Meagher County. The cows were put into the pasture on 10/22/2010. There were numerous vehicles around the area due to the opening of the big game hunting season. The ranch owner went to remove the cows ear tag on the evening of 10/27/2010. The owner saw that the udder and the left lower part of the cows face had been removed. The cow was a three year old heifer.
Law Enforcement was called and arrived at the scene on the morning of 10/29/2010. It appears as though the udder was removed with a sharp knife. The skin and muscle were removed from the left lower jaw. The tongue was also removed. There was very little blood at the scene. The left eye was missing but unknown if it was taken out birds.
Anyone with similar incidents or any information please call the Meagher County Sheriff's Office.



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