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UPDATE - Vandalism at Newlan Creek Reservoir

By admin - Posted on 17 April 2014

Mike Williamson of White Sulphur Springs is going to be charged with the damage to the floating Dock. Williamson contacted a Warden from Fish Wildlife and Parks and admitted to doing the damage.

Estimates for the repair of the dock put the damage at $8,000.

Sometime during the last week of April 2014, someone drove a vehicle onto the floating dock at Newlan Creek Reservoir Campground. The dock has been on shore all winter.

The unknown persons drove onto the dock and then vehicle fell through the wooden deck. This destroyed about 11 feet of the dock deck.

Investigators were able to get good photos of the tire marks. Also the vehicle left a part when it broke through the deck.

If you have any information please call the Meagher County Sheriff's Office at 547-3397 or Sheriff Lopp's cellphone at 547-4062. You can remain anonymous if you wish.



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