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No Charges Will Be Filed in the Sixteen Shooting

By admin - Posted on 22 February 2011

No charges will be filed in the September shooting death of a Sixteen man, Meagher County Attorney Kimberly Deschene said in a press release today.

Based on her review of the investigative file, Deschene said that the case was one of straightforward self defense.

The shooting occurred in the home of Michael Eckberg in Sixteen, which is located 26 miles south of White Sulphur Springs and 11 miles west of Ringling.

Sheriff’s deputies who responded at the time of the shooting found 63-year-old William McDonald dead at the scene. Sixty-one-year-old Michael Eckberg suffered multiple stab wounds to the abdomen and was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Billings.

“There is no evidence that the incident involved anything other than Eckberg defending himself from a potentially lethal knife attack,” Deschene said. “Tension between the two men suddenly erupted in a violent knife attack, and the victim defended himself with a firearm. In such a clear-cut situation, there is no crime to prosecute and no need for a coroner’s inquiry.”

Investigators from the Montana Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation, assisted the Meagher County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation.



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