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Vehicle Lockouts

By admin - Posted on 28 June 2012

The Meagher County Sheriff's Office DOES respond to vehicle lockouts, if it is an Emergency (a baby in the car is considered an emergency). We do not do routine vehicle lockouts, as there are several business's in town that unlock vehicles as part of their business.

All of our calls to dispatch are recorded. I reviewed the phone call in question, spoke to the dispatcher and the caller. The caller told the dispatcher one time that a baby was in the car, the dispatcher told me she did not hear the caller say there was a baby in the car. If the dispatcher had known there was a baby in the car a deputy would have been dispatched to the house.

I have come to the conclusion the incident that has caused so much talk was a very bad misunderstanding. If the caller would have made sure the dispatcher was aware there was a baby in the car and if the dispatcher would have been a better listener and not immediately assumed it was a routine vehicle lockout, this situation would have been avoided. The dispatcher only listened to "I locked my keys in my truck" and immediately determined what the response would be. This kind of incident should not ever happen.

I take the safety and security of Meagher County citizens very seriously. If anyone has any questions about anything involving the operations of the Meagher County Sheriff's Office please call, email or write a letter and let me know your concerns. I can only fix the problems when the citizens let me know when there is a problem.

Jon Lopp, Sheriff



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